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Women Boxers in Argentina | Claudia Gaudelli

This photoessay, “Women Boxers” was born from a desire to show women from an unusual perspective: fighting in the boxing ring. By highlighting a side of women that is commonly associated with masculinity—what many would even call a dark side—my hope is to broaden our perception of the limits of womanhood.

Each one of these female athletes has her own story but all of them shared something in common: humble origins and family environments in which the prevailing atmosphere was  need and poverty.

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veterans of a psychic war

I’m sorry that you’re scared. I’m sorry that you didn’t get enough good news. I’m sorry about the hard falls, the bruises, the splintering bone; sorry about that first kiss. Wasn’t it a mess? Isn’t it all a mess? A little blood on your dress shirt, a patch on your sweater, and you laugh anyway. You deserve better, everyone deserves better, but this is what you get. It’s not all bad. Sometimes there’s pancakes for breakfast; sometimes someone you love is waiting to kiss you back. Sometimes things work out, and that can’t make you better, but maybe it’ll get you through.

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So I bought this book because it actually produces some really great prompts. If you ever need any ideas for an au or something original holler at me I’ll dial you up one of these.

I want this.

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i want this

wild tigers i have known

photography food for my soul

I never got the hang of
metaphor, of hiding what I mean
in what I don’t. I’m simple.
I love you. Not like an ocean
holding the shore, or a star
roaring to life;
just like a man
who doesn’t want to be alone

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food for my soul words

veterans of a psychic war

places to go maybe? 87days



Othello Samira Wiley

DesdemonaSophie Turner

There are captions too, in case you wanted lines. Ugh, I love both of these ladies so much.

And bonus Iago:


speaking of timely, lesbian takes on Othello

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